Wood Wool


Description: Wood Wool Bag

(+ - 500 Grams) Small Bag Per Bag


Wood Wool


Description: Wood Wool Bag

(+ - 1kg) Medium Bag Per Bag



Wood Wool


Description: Wood Wool

(+ - 6kg ) Per Bale



Wood Wool


Description: Wood Wool

(+ - 10kg) Per Bale


wood wool bags for packaging

Wood wool isn't just used for packaging material it can be used for many different applications. If you would like to know a little more about all the different applications wood wool can be used for read below.


Wood wool can be used as animal bedding for horses and dogs. The use of wood wool as dog bedding has the same benefits of using it for horse bedding it improves hygiene and well-being for your animals along with keeping the cleanest possible environment to live in for your animals that's where wood wool comes in.


Wood wool is becoming widely used for the transport of live shell fish such as lobsters and crabs. The wood wool creates a high moisture content and damp living environment for the shell fish which helps to sustain the life of the product insuring quality for the customers.


Any glass based products need to be kept safe above anything else so using wood wool as wine packaging is a winner from the start. its perfect for wine transportation and its important to have peace of mind that your bottles wont arrive to your customer broken or damaged so using wood wool as wine bottle packaging eliminate any worry. Wood wool is also commonly used in champagne gift boxes again for safety and presentation.


Wood Wool is excellent for hamper packaging, if you are looking for that organic, rustic look that seems to be very popular and  fashionable these days.


 Wood wool is the oldest form of industrial loose fill packaging. These days most industrial loose fills are polystyrene based which we all know is a no no

when is comes to the environment, so if you want to use a natural void fill packaging and still keep your products safe wood wool is than the way to go.


 Wood wool performs brilliantly as a cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic and skin products are a part of most peoples everyday lives and consumers are always looking for natural alternatives especially when it comes to looks. 

A couple more uses are fruit packaging, stuffing of stuffed animals and teddy bears.