Custom Branded Tape

Custom branded tapes as per your design. Polypropylene (Poly Pro) packaging tape is the most popular and cost-effective. The tape has a plastic glossy finish. 

3 Easy Steps

Manufacturing Time Delivery Time

1) Choose Your Tape 

What colour? White or clear.

What size tape 50M or 100M long?

What size tape width 48mm or 72mm?

How many rolls 180 or 120? 


2) Submit Your Art Work Or Text 

Send us your art work or text in a JPEG  or PNG file.

We'll help you design your proof.

Once your happy with your proof. 

Proof can take up to 2-3 days


3) Place Your Order 


Manufacturing time is 14 working days from date of payment received.

When new printing plates need to be made an extra day or 2  might need to be added. Reorders will have a turn around time of 14 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each colour printed on the tape needs its own printing plate / stereo. 

Printing plates are a once off fee.


Tapes get packed in boxes of 36 Or 24 units so minimum order quantity is 5 boxes.


Minimum order quantity is 180 units

36 units per box

(5 boxes of 48mm x 50M)

(5 boxes of 48mm x 100M)


Minimum order quantity is 120 units

24 units per box

(5 boxes of 72mm x 50M)

(5 boxes of 72mm x 100M)