Geami WrapPack EX Mini

Code: WRA-PACK-1

Description: Geami WrapPack  

Size  (L x W x H) 570 X 180 X 260mm Weight ( 6.3kg )

Honeycomb & White Tissue Paper   


Description  Sizes
Box Size (L x W x H ) L570 X W180 X H260mm
Box Weight  ( 6.3Kg )
Honey Comb Paper Width 510mm 
Honey Comb Paper Expanded Length  135 Meters 
 White Tissue Paper Width   310mm 
White Tissue Paper Length  135 Meters 
Cut Method  Manual Tear 

 Geami WrapPack EX Mini 

 The recyclable, disposable retail-ready wrapping solution.  

The Geami WrapPack EX Mini is a handy dispenser box that expands die-cut kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb structure. Its small footprint allows it to be placed on any tabletop or packaging area. Highly suitable for smaller environments needing occasional packing. Examples include retail outlets, e-commerce startups and small warehouses. Offers low upfront investment, a lightweight box, easy installation, and a disposable solution. Categories: .



Wrapping is essential when pack content need protection against scratching, surface abrasions and minor handling incidents. WrapPack systems use processes to convert environmentally friendly paper into packaging that prevents damage, including problems caused by internal impacts when multiple items are packed together. Geami WrapPack is the combination of a die-cut kraft paper with tissue interleaf paper. 


The Geami WrapPack EX Mini expands the die-cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique wrapping product. By locking angled paper cells together, items can be wrapped securely without the need for adhesive tape of cutting. The converter / box dispenser can be placed at any packaging station where individual items require a protective wrap.