zip lock self sealing packaging bags

Box Shop Supplies a wide range of Zip lock Bags. Zip lock resealable bags can be used daily for shipping, packaging, and storage applications.


 A zipper at the top of the resealable industrial zip lock bag provides an easy-to-open option that can be resealed multiple times.


Reclosable ziplock bags are used for a variety of applications including:

  • Consumer products
  • Cosmetics
  • Food products
  • House wares
  • Industrial products
  • Laboratory samples
  • Medical supplies
  • Powders


ZIP-25-25-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 25mm X 25mm  100 2000
ZIP-40-40-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 40mm X 40mm   100 2000
ZIP-40-60-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 40mm X 60mm 100 2000
ZIP-50-70-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 50mm X 70mm 100 2000
ZIP-65-85-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 65mm X 85mm 100 1000
ZIP-80-100-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 80mm X 100mm 100 1000
ZIP-80-120-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 80mm X 120mm 100 1000
ZIP-100-110-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 100mm X 110mm 100 1000
ZIP-100-150-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 100mm X 150mm 100 1000
ZIP-120-180-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 120mm X 180mm 100 1000
ZIP-150-180-PK 'ZIPLOCK BAGS 150mm X 180mm 100 1000
ZIP-150-250-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 150mm X 250mm 100 1000
ZIP-180-180-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 180mm X 180mm 100 1000
ZIP-180-320-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 180mm X 320mm 100 1000
ZIP-200-200-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 200mm X 200mm 100 1000
ZIP-220-250-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 220mm X 250mm 100 1000
ZIP-215-315-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 215mm X 315mm 100 1000
ZIP-250-360-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 250mm X 360mm 100 1000
ZIP-305-420-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 305mm X 420mm 100 1000
ZIP-400-500-PK ZIPLOCK BAGS 400mm X 500mm 100 1000